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Who am I?

Massage picI am a Licensed Massage Therapist in Kingston, NY who specializes in working closely with my clients in Ulster County, Dutchess County, and throughout the Hudson Valley. I graduated from the Finger Lakes School of Massage in 2003 and have taken numerous Continuing Education courses to improve my skill set.  I employ various and appropriate massage techniques, stretches, and educational materials to assist my clients in becoming more proactive in promoting their own health and well being.

I take great pride in developing a dialog with you and with your body. Unlike many Practices and Spas, where there are multiple practitioners (meaning you often don’t get the same therapist twice), you can take comfort in the fact that I’ll be your therapist when you return, making these dialogs even more valuable. Like peeling back the layers of an onion, you will often find that you gain larger insights into the many factors that are affecting your health with each subsequent visit.

Why Massage?

Massage Therapy is a non-invasive and safe way to treat the cause of many painful conditions when performed by a trained and competent professional.

Massage doesn’t only affect the superficial muscles – depending on the intent of the session, Massage can affect the deeper layers of muscle as well as your internal organs.  Massage also stimulates blood circulation and assists the lymphatic system, which runs parallel to the circulatory system, improving the elimination of waste throughout the body. A properly executed massage sets up a chain reaction that produces a positive effect on all layers and systems of the body. It affects the nerves, muscles, glands, circulation and promotes general good health and well-being.

There are two physiological ways that Massage affects the body:

The Relaxation Response:   an involuntary response of the nervous system to massage techniques and touch. This can result in lowered blood pressure, a general relaxation of the whole body (including the internal organs), and an over-all feeling of well-being and peace.

The Mechanical Response:  the physical effect that occurs in the body as a result of specific techniques and modalities that are designed to target areas where issues such as compromised fascia (due to old injuries or poor posture and/or ergonomics , spasms, Trigger Points, and other musculo-skeletal imbalances are present.

Together, these responses can produce huge physical and emotional benefits.


I tried many of the massage therapists in the Hudson Valley over several years. Three years ago I noticed Pamela’s sign on Albany Ave in Kingston and I was really glad I did.

Since then I visit her religiously (twice monthly) and I do not let any other massage therapist touch me. I am hooked…

Pamela is my most trusted health professional. Her techniques never fail to amaze me. She is a genuine, caring, professional massage therapist who has a continually evolving and deep understanding of the human body.

Bob (via Yahoo!)

About Pam

Pam Marshall is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Kingston, NY who specializes in working closely with her clients in Ulster County, Dutchess County, and throughout the Hudson Valley.

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