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I was sitting in our local car repair shop last week, waiting for my car to have it’s regular oil change and “check-up”, and it occurred to me that we tend to maintain our cars better than we do our bodies!

Consider this – How many of you wait until the oil light goes on to have the oil changed? Do you wait until you have a flat before you get new tires? How often do you sit on the side of the road waiting for someone to bring you a gallon of gas because you waited to long to fill up?

Odds are, most of you have at least a reasonable…and for some of you guys, a strict regime for maintaining your car. Yet you wait until you have a Migraine, Carpal Tunnel, Sciatica, or Back Pain before you go to see a doctor. Often you will be given a prescription and sent on your merry way. This approach is neither sensible nor healthy. The prescription is often just a band-aid, or a cover for the real issue…sorta like adding a quart of oil every day rather than having the oil leak fixed!

So – I would encourage you to make it a point to schedule regular “maintenance” times for yourself. Massage is, of course, my preferred modality! If you have a regular massage with a licensed and trained massage therapist, he or she will get to know you and your body and will often notice changes before you do (just like your car mechanic will notice a worn fan belt before it breaks!). Other ways to care for your body include regular acupuncture and chiropractic treatments, regular workouts (preferably with a personal trainer who will be able to guide you in a healthy and balanced routine), and even perhaps scheduling an appointment with a nutritionist to make sure that the “fuel” that you are giving your body is the right “mix” for you!

Your health is worth far more than your car to you – start a regular maintenance regime today!

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I tried many of the massage therapists in the Hudson Valley over several years. Three years ago I noticed Pamela’s sign on Albany Ave in Kingston and I was really glad I did.

Since then I visit her religiously (twice monthly) and I do not let any other massage therapist touch me. I am hooked…

Pamela is my most trusted health professional. Her techniques never fail to amaze me. She is a genuine, caring, professional massage therapist who has a continually evolving and deep understanding of the human body.

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Pam Marshall is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Kingston, NY who specializes in working closely with her clients in Ulster County, Dutchess County, and throughout the Hudson Valley.

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