Missed Appointment Policy

Missed Appointment Policy:

As with any other medical appointment, we ask that you make sure to put your appointment info into your calendar as soon as possible and to let us know as soon as you can when you need to make changes so that we can fill that spot with another client. We recognize that things come up that are unforeseen and will try to work with you in those circumstances. Our missed appointment policy is as follows:

We ask you to provide us with a minimum of twenty-four hours notice for changes to your appointment. If the need arises that you have to give us less than 24 hrs notice, you may be required to pay 50% of the scheduled fee. Less than 6 hrs notice may result in the full amount due.


I tried many of the massage therapists in the Hudson Valley over several years. Three years ago I noticed Pamela’s sign on Albany Ave in Kingston and I was really glad I did.

Since then I visit her religiously (twice monthly) and I do not let any other massage therapist touch me. I am hooked…

Pamela is my most trusted health professional. Her techniques never fail to amaze me. She is a genuine, caring, professional massage therapist who has a continually evolving and deep understanding of the human body.

Bob (via Yahoo!)

About Pam

Pam Marshall is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Kingston, NY who specializes in working closely with her clients in Ulster County, Dutchess County, and throughout the Hudson Valley.

New Awakenings Massage

101 Hurley Ave
PO Box 2607
Kingston, NY 12401

(914) 475-0803

Monday –Friday
1:00pm 2:30pm 4:00 pm

Limited appointment times are occasionally available on weekend and outside normal hours.